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About Us

Impact 100 Crawford County is a group of women who collectively want to improve the quality of life in the Crawford County area. Beginning in October every year, 100 or more women will be recruited to donate $500. Then every September those same 100 or more women will meet to hear presentations from local non-profit organizations and vote to award impactful grants of $5,000, $10,000 or more to be used by the non-profits to improve the lives of Crawford County residents.

Our History

In September of 2001, an idea to promote philanthropy among women formed in the mind of Wendy Steele. She believed philanthropy should be a party; Wendy brought her idea for an innovative pass-through foundation to some key women in her community of Cincinnati, Ohio.  With the help of close friends and business associates, that idea became the nonprofit organization operating as IMPACT 100.

Impact 100 brings transformational grants to the communities it serves across five focus areas: Culture, Education, Environment, Family and Health & Wellness. This happened in Cincinnati, Ohio.


By 2003, the national media had learned about this innovative approach, the news spread and the Impact 100 model began to be replicated around the country.


Kathy Lasley heard Wendy Steele speak at a Community Foundation of the Ozarks affiliate conference in 2016; she brought the idea of forming an Impact 100 group to the Crawford County Foundation Board.  In November of 2016, the idea became real and Impact 100 Crawford County was on its way.

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