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You can be of service to Impact100 by joining one of our committees, which are an essential part of our operations.
If you are interested in being a part of any of the committees contact Kathy Lasley, President, at or (573) 205-0345


This committee secures our memberships, partnerships, corporate sponsors and friends. In conjunction with marketing, this committee spreads the word about Impact100 via social media via our Facebook page and keeping our webpage up to date. 

Grant Selection

This committee reviews all the Letters of Intent and determines the qualifications of potential applicants; they mail grant applications to qualified nonprofits and read grant applications. Also selects the grant finalist who will then be invited to make their presentation at the Annual Meeting. 


This committee informs and nonprofits about the grant opportunities via a letter that goes out every march, and this committee also keeps a scrapbook to record the completion of each project. 

Annual Event Planning

This committee plans the Annual Event which occurs on the 4th Thursday of September every year. They secure a venue, a caterer, plans the menu, secures a host, organize any entertainment and secures prizes to be awarded to members and friends present. 



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